Jun 11

Queenie and Tom - interracial relationships

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Growing up I have always been the super pro-black, rocking an afro, reading the only black option on the summer reading list, studying everything about black folk type. My friends always jokingly said I'd marry a white man...I never laughed. As I read Queenie, I was infuriated at the fact that Tom never stood up for his girlfriend. He literally sat there and told Queenie not to over exaggerate instead of correcting his family members, from day 1 with his brother. I've always thought about that dynamic, because often times the significant other may not be racist, but their parents are. I've also seen girls hide their black boyfriend from their parents, while simultaneously inviting me over for the class party. No thanks! I can't even imagine having to endure those constant snide underhanded remarks, because I'm always going to stand up for myself.


I love black people, black men, black culture way too much to be with someone who doesn't even know it.

Just finished Queenie and I loved it! And it really hit the majority of my fears of dating outside of my race smh. I grew up in a decent part of Boston with a bunch of my best white friends who lived near me and on my neighborhood soccer team lol while I had my other bestfriends at my all-black school. I guess you can say I had the best of both worlds. But to this day, I have never been attracted to a white man.. fearing there will be way too many things he just doesn’t understand. And that i’ll probably be offended majority of the relationship lol. Just not worth the hassle.

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