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Baked Harmony

Times are truly different, but the creativity has been popping out and we love to see it!

This past weekend, we got to "attend" the Baked Harmony Remote Taste Party and it was phenomenal! Morgan State University sophomore, Faith Hudnall, is launching a Baltimore based bakery, Baked Harmony. Her goal is simply to "share the joy of baking with others". And whew, was there joy!!!

Faith reached out to us with an invitation to join her remote taste party, and we immediately agreed. I mean, who would say no to delicious desserts?! In the invitation we were asked about any food allergies and our preferred delivery date; the rest was a complete surprise.

We received our surprise taste party boxes on Friday evening, hand delivered by Baked Harmony's owner herself. Immediately we noticed the packaging, which had her new logo, as well as a QR code. The QR code gave access to the Taste Party feedback form, making it simple, easy, and convenient!

Now let's get into the best part, the tasting!

Our box included individually wrapped Oreo Cheesecake, a Red Velvet Cookie, and a slice of Pound Cake! The initial reaction, "OMG yes oreo cheesecake!"

That cheesecake was absolutely incredible! It was a perfect creamy texture with oreo in every bite. Cheesecake can sometimes be too creamy or too cheesy, but this was perfect. It was also topped with chocolate! Definitely 10/10

Red velvet isn't typically exciting for us, however, this cookie was like a red velvet chocolate chip cookie hybrid and it was delicious! It was soft baked, drizzled with white chocolate, and had chocolate chips/chunks (we may have eaten it too quickly to tell if it was a chip or a chunk! lol).

Lastly, the pound cake was moist, soft, and buttery. We allowed a friend to taste just a small piece, and she described it simply as "tasty". Honestly, although we expected a much more elaborate description, tasty is truly the best description.

To be quite honest, everything was tasty! We are so excited for the official launch of Baked Harmony!! We can't wait to celebrate absolutely anything with some Baked Harmony desserts. We look forward to ordering already. If you are looking for desserts for any occasion, support this young entrepreneur!

Congratulations Faith! Here's to many years of success for Baked Harmony!

Baked Harmony

Instagram - @bakedharmony_

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