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Crust by Mack

The text came in around noon and I hadn't eaten yet. I perused the menu and knew it was a go! We hopped in the car and made our way to Crust by Mack. We pulled up to the counter, only to be greeted and realize there was a line as long as the Equator! (OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic)

We got in the very well orchestrated socially distant line with about 10 people in front of us. We danced with fellow patrons, hit the Hip Harry "Who's next?" dance, and discussed which pastry goodness we planned on indulging in. Typically a long line can turn you a way, but we were super pressed to see that the only Black owned business in the establishment had the longest (and only) line in there! #SupportBlackBusiness

Crust by Mack is a Small Batch Bakery in Baltimore, MD, open Friday-Sunday from 11AM-3PM. She offers an assortment of sweet, savory, and special handpies, pastries, and cakes. There's a pre-order for that happens for the Special, this Sunday's was the #BmoreCrust , a lump crab dip handpie. You know Baltimore loves a good crab!!

And when we say, that handpie was good crab! A buttery and flaky crust with a creamy and savory lump crab dip filling, impeccable! But it didn't stop there, the Apple Caramel Ginger Galette was delicious. The crust literally melts in your mouth and the apple filling is a perfect blend of sweet and tart, like apple pie.

The best has yet to come! We also got a few extra treats; Rainbow Chip Snickerdoodles,

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookie, and an Old Bay Chocolate Chip Cookie. Y'all, I thought my cookies were good, but Oh-Em-Gee, soft, sweet, delectable. I am amazed! The Rainbow cookie tastes like the most perfect sugar cookie with sprinkles throughout. The sprinkles are no way overpowering and the cookie mimics birthday cake in a way. The two chocolate chip cookies are soft, sweet, and mouthwatering. The hints of vanilla bean and Old Bay really take it up a notch. Actually, I inhaled the Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookie! Baltimore does this thing, where we don't just add Old Bay to seafood but also to sweets and it's probably really strange sounding, but somehow it works...and these cookies worked!!

Overall, if you are a lover of good treats, savory and sweet, Crust by Mack is the place to eat!

Crust by Mack

3300 Clipper Mill Road - Whitehall Mill

Baltimore, MD 21211

Friday - Sunday


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