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Don't Drop Your Krownmoss

By now there's no doubt that in the last year or so you've heard of seamoss, but maybe you're still wonder why it's so popular. Well first of all, seamoss contains 92 of 102 minerals needed in the body, and it is one of the best sources of vitamins and trace minerals. The anti-viral properties help to boost the immune system and the probiotic properties remove mucus from the body. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, a good source of calcium, B12, and B9 vitamins. In short, seamoss is the GOAT!

For the last few months we have been purchasing seamoss gel from the seamoss Queen herself, Khiya Braxton, the owner of Krownmoss. The gel is formed by soaking and blending the seamoss, but can be ingested in many ways. We personally will just take a spoonful and go, but for some the almost jello like texture is a little unsettling. You can throw it into anything, there's not much of a taste, although with some other brands we've tried it was a little sea tasting.

As of late, we've actually been using our seamoss as ice cubes. We put the seamoss in an ice tray and pop them into our water or morning smoothies. It blends up smoothly and you don't even know it's there.

What has seamoss done for me personally? I can say without a doubt it has given me more energy, I wake up earlier than my alarm and I'm going through the day! I have certainly had more energy these days, but also the knee and back pains that I've had over the years has subsided substantially. I was diagnosed with patella tendonitis back in high school and in college I found out that my pelvis is slightly tilted causing excruciating back pains during high energy activity. In the last few weeks I increased my exercise, trying to work away that Quarantine 15, and I have had minimal pain! Now of course, I'm no scientist, this isn't proven facts, but the only variable thus far has been the addition of seamoss to my diet. As far as the rest of my diet, well...I'm still working on that!

Krownmoss is local to Baltimore, however she does ship and offers free shipping over $60. Also available is the Krownmoss Powerhouse formula (bladderwrack and burdock root), white sage,Florida Water, and much more.

The first half of 2020 has been a rollercoaster, but it's time to shift the gears, boost your immune system, and go harder for the 2nd half!!


Khiya Braxton

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