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Not A Blemish Detail

Do you live out of your car? Are you always on the move? Always the designated driver or free taxi service for your siblings and friends? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your car is probably in need of a detail. Not A Blemish Detail has an amazing price list, for outstanding service.

Price List

I have been needing a detail for forever and a day, (I answered yes to every question above) but with my schedule, it seemed nearly impossible. Every time I saw Not A Blemish post a freshly detailed car, I told myself, “I’m gonna get mine done soon!” Soon never came, but the mess surely did, like really, how do these leaves get inside my car? After telling him, “I need mine done” every month, I sent Nasir my money and told him we would pick a date. I figured if I paid ahead of time, I would have no choice but to make an appointment. We scheduled an early morning Sunday, and I mean early. They will work around your schedule! It happened to be raining, but he offered to still do the inside. In the rain? Come on service! I gathered all the clothes, shoes, and random knick knacks out of my car before I decided to head over.

When I pulled up to the location, he already had the spot blocked off for me, I parallel parked my car, he pulled out his Umbrella and got busy.

The pictures speak for themselves.

My girl, “Candy Apple Red Velvet”, looks like she did when I first bought her! Vacuumed, shampooed, and shined! There's Not A Blemish!

If you need a detail, #supportblackbusiness and call Not A Blemish Detail! You will not be disappointed!

To book a service, you can also contact Nasir on Instagram: @notablemishdetail_

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