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Set Your Ambiance

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The grocery bill has grown and after these past three months you're probably ready to take on Food Network's Chef Bobby Flay. When everything's closed, you have no choice but to throw down in the kitchen, and who knew kids could eat so much? Scrolling through social media we've seen it all, from gourmet cup of noodles to 5 course meals, so for some the throw down is a little easier than others!

No matter how much you may love your new found hobby, sometimes you just want to be catered to, and we've got the place for you! Yes, even in a Quarantine! Ambiance Mobile Catering specializes in romantic evenings for couples and takes the pressure away from you to create an evening of bliss. And no it's not only for couples, you can give yourself a little self care night and let them #SetYourAmbiance! They also do birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, private dinners, and more.

Ambiance Mobile Catering currently posts their Friday night menu and you must pre-order by Thursday night. Send your order with your information, drop off time, and payment, then Ambiance will drop off at your confirmed time!

We ordered the Seafood Boil and it was AMAZING! 2 crab leg cluster, 10 jumbo shrimp, 5 sauteed scallops, 2 corn on the cob, red potatoes, 2 boiled egg, and Infused tea...all of that for only $30!! The pan was covered in a slightly sweet butter saucem spiced to perfection. Not only was this boil the best price, but even as a delivery the presentation was outstanding! Dinner even came with a surprise goody bag! The goodies included a dinner roll, Godiva chocolate, a nip of Paul Mason peach, mint chewing gum, a pack of floss picks, and rose petals everywhere. We were super impressed with the gum and flossers after a seafood boil, thoughtful!!

If you want to take the load off, have a delicious meal, and let someone else #SetYourAmbiance, be sure to call on Ambiance Mobile Catering!

Ambiance Mobile Catering


IG: @AmbianceMobileCatering

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