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Shipyard Pub

Have you ever tried a new spot and love it so much that you go back again within a week...then again?

If your answer was no, don't judge us, try Shipyard Pub, and get back to us!

This nautical, industrial themed pub in Canton, MD has the best crushes in the city! Here's a list of the flavors they have.

The best part is that you can get these crushes, which are normally made with vodka, made with bourbon on tequila, depending on what kind of night you're trying to have! That bourbon most definitely kicks it up a notch, or two. We all know that the best way to choose your drink depends on how you want to end your night. Are you feeling like you need to get a good cry out? Call an ex? Kiki with the crew? Or dance on bar tops? Vodka, Bourbon, Tequila.

Shipyard has a full bar inside so you can order other drinks outside of their signature drink. Right now, they are serving through a jumbo window. You go up to the counter, order your drink, and they make it right there. Each drink is garnished with a flower to complement the drink itself.

So we mentioned having been 3 times already, and each time we tried a different flavor. Guava, Raspberry Hibiscus, and Tropical Passion. Obviously we're wishing we were on an island somewhere. #InNeedOfAVacation Every single flavor has been delicious, strong, and refreshing! Guava - sweet flowery , Raspberry Hibiscus with bourbon - cranberry like, and Tropical Passion with tequila- tropical.

If you want a flavorful and refreshing drink, take a trip down to Shipyard Pub, you can even get a flight, 4 flavors for $30!

Shipyard Pub

3500 O'Donnell St.

Baltimore, MD 21224

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