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Summertime vibes: Mackey's Crab House

A Baltimore summer is supposed to be spent feet up, drink in hand, cracking crabs, with good music and better vibes! With the current state of the world, things are a little less vibey, a little more...socially distant, but we still manage to have a good time!

Baltimore is the home of the blue crab, you really can find crabs anywhere, but as we know, Black owned is the ONLY way to go!

We found Mackey's Crab House through a list of Black owned crab shacks. We ordered 2 dozen medium male crabs through Ubereats, which took about an hour to get here, but were still pretty warm. Threw those bad boys out and went to work. Now if you're from Baltimore, then you've probably been cracking crabs, no mallets or hammers, since you were like 5 years old, it's apart of the culture. Sure it's a lot of work for a little satisfaction, but it's the social aspect that keeps the tradition going! There's nothing like sitting around the table with your family and friends, making jokes, arguing over who got the best anything, and singing the summer tunes!

Mackey's crabs were so good!! Juicy, well seasoned, and meaty! They were the type of good where you lick your fingertips and stain the paper towels to text the homies about how they need to run up and order from Mackey's! The type of good where the "I only eat like 2 crabs, it's too much work" friend eats way more than 2 and you just give them that side-eye!

A crab feast is not complete without a cold beer and some wine! We went Black for that too!! The new Hux Spirits: Premium Sangria Blends "The Dream"-Cherry Bourbon by Jamal Jackson is no joke.

Jamal was our favorite bartender at 16 On The Park, another of our favorite Black owned establishments. We knew if Jamal was working we'd have all the best new drinks and we'd be calling an Uber home! His drinks were always like that, so we were more than excited to try his new Sangria blends! The Cherry Bourbon was smooth with a distinctive cherry flavor and just a hint of bourbon, you know it's there but it's not overpowering!

The kind of drink that might sneak up on you! Hux Spirits LLC is local to Baltimore, MD, but can be shipped domestically. The Sangria comes in many flavors, red and white, strawberry, passion fruit, and margarita, just to name a few. Affordable and available in 1 Gallon sizes. It doesn't get much better than that!!

As you can see, we demolished and enjoyed everything!

Gather around the table, get your Mackey's crabs, some Hux Spirit wine, and enjoy the night!

4203 Sanner Ave,

Baltimore, MD 21206

(410) 483-2722

Available on Seamless, Ubereats, DoorDash, and Grubhub

Hux Spirits


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