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The Game Changer

Are you ready to change the game? Do you have a business that you're ready to start, but trying to figure out where to begin? Well we've got the perfect book for you! The time is now, let's build!

Social media influencer and journalist, Raven Paris, has created a book that will literally change the game, no pun intended. The Game Changer: Startup Kit to Become or Sustain Entrepreneurship is "the perfect workbook to help entrepreneurs discover their strengths, weaknesses, and unlock their true potential!"

When we opened this book, all we could say is, "Wow, I wish I had this when we started!" We tell people all the time, Brilliance in Black just happened, we're an organization created out of a need. We never had a plan, we saw what we believed was needed and made it happened!

However, this book is a detailed resource and guide created to assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Some key elements she explores are:

- Getting your tax ID

- Trademarks

- Creating Marketing Materials for free

- Creating a Business Plan

- and so much more!!

In the cross-marketing section of the book, Raven includes 50 Black owned businesses that she supports and challenges her supporters to do the same. The most exciting part is, you will find Brilliance in Black in her list!

We recommend this book to anyone chasing a dream! If you're ready to take the next step and change the game, you need to grab your copy today!

The Game Changer

Raven Paris

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