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Wine and Dine at the Grind & Wine

In the midst of a busy weekend, sometimes you just need to unwind and enjoy a well-deserved meal and drink with friends. Baltimore’s Grind & Wine is the perfect place. Dim lighting, soft music, and impeccable service, that is what you’ll find here. The perfect date night venue! The details that they have put into the interior design are beautiful. There are quite a few seating options, high top tables, dining tables, the bar area, and there is also a “library style" seated area.

When we got to Grind & Wine, we chose our own seats close to the bar and were immediately greeted by multiple employees. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm. First up, our drinks, the Sangarita! Ok but wait, when I say Kim did that, that drink was the best! I thought we were in for a tequila splashed sangria, however it was definitely a full glass of margarita, with a hint of sangria. It was delicious, so much so that we forgot about the water we had ordered. Although the food took a little longer than we had hoped, we kept entertained by the over the bar TV and Ms Kim, the bartender.

We ordered the crab dip, Thai chili G&W wings, a garden salad, and Thai glazed shrimp skewers! No worries, we decided to go family style and share it all. It was most definitely WORTH THE WAIT, and we inhaled everything in minutes.

The crab dip came with pita chips, just the right amount of lump crab meat crab in every bite. (Y’all know how some places crab dip can be just too creamy, too much dip, not enough crab)

The twice baked thai chili wings took some time, but were full of flavor, the right amount of crunch but still saucy. The thai glazed shrimp skewers were also amazing, jumbo sized shrimp, juicy, and well-seasoned. The skewers came with rice and sauteed vegetables, also delicious. We didn't even get a picture, they looked so good, we devoured them. Overall, the food was exceptional!

Next time you’re in Baltimore looking for a night out with the crew, be sure to stop by Grind & Wine!

Grind & Wine Cafe

3627 Offutt Rd

Randallstown, MD 21133

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